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Explosion-proof magnetic switches VELAN-SENSOR-VG are designed for use at enterprises of oil and gas processing industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and other enterprises where explosive gases and combustible dust may occur. Designed for systems controlling electric drives and mechanisms of machines as well as alarm systems of electrical circuits in explosion hazardous areas on mobile vehicles and sea transport in accordance with the explosion protection marking.


  • Contacts are opened/closed under the influence of a magnetic field.
  • Simplicity and reliability.
  • Trouble-free operation in severe operating conditions.
  • Application in the system of intrinsically safe circuits.
  • Possibility to operate in chemically aggressive environments.
  • Possibility of embedding in explosion-proof shells.


The switch has a cylindrical shape and consists of a cable gland and a spacer with installed magnetic sensor (reed switch). Available in two versions according to the material (brass, stainless steel). The sensor can be manufactured with various types of cable glands for unarmoured, armoured cable, pipe wiring, with connection of a metal hose.
Fastener types:
-with brace (default);
-by means of threaded connection M20x1.5 or M25x1

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