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Russian manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical equipment
10 standard dimensions
Various materials of bodies
Nominal voltage from 2,200 V to 10,000 V, current from 100 A to 400 A
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The explosionproof high voltage terminal box of KZVV is intended for switching of power cables of KPBP 3х10 and KPBP 3х16 type and other powering high voltage equipment.


  • The possibility to connect cable with voltage from 2200 V up to 10,000 V and nominal current from 100 А to 400 А.
  • Manufacturing from zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless and construction steel, depending on the required explosion protection marking and nominal voltage.


The product consists of the body, three porcelain post insulators with contact clamps for connection of cable cores in insulator tips installed on mounting plate. Cable glands are installed on the lower wall of the body.

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