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Russian manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical equipment
6 standard dimensions
Manufacturing from aluminum alloy
Reliability, strength, convenience of cable connection
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Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan KZVA-VEL-IIC
Maritime Register of Shipping KZVA-VEL-IIC


Terminal boxes are intended for connection and branching of armored and unarmored cables with enclosure of round cross section with copper or aluminum cores in AC and DC circuits of electrical installations of chemical, gas, oil and other industries, as well as mines and pits being gas and dust hazardous.


6 overall dimensions of the body. Powder or hammer painting of enclosures having high adhesion and reliably protected product from environment aggressive influence. The possibility to lay cable with diameter from 5 to 112 mm.


The terminal box consists of the body and cover forming explosion-proof enclosure. The cover is attached to the body using threaded connection. Inside the enclosure mounting plate is installed. DIN-rail with clamps is fixed on mounting plate. Clamps can be installed in several rows. On side walls of enclosure cable glands are installed. Inside and outside the box grounding clamps are located. 
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