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Explosion-proof signal lighting fixtures VSS on the basis of boxes VAD-RSP-O are designed for sending traffic control or alert signals and ensure emittance of light and sound signals at oil and gas refining enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises as well as other enterprises of the national economy where explosive gases IIA, IIB, IIC and flammable explosive dust may occur


  • LED light source ensures low energy consumption and long range of signal identification.
  • Modular system ensures its simplicity and reliability.
  • Enclosure design is convenient for transit cable laying.
  • Small dimensions and weight: dimensions of one module 200*х 145*х185 mm, weight 1.6* kg.
  • Different manufacturing materials: aluminum alloy or ZAA (zinc aluminum alloy).


Signal lighting fixtures consist of modules joined in single design with in-built LED light sources with maximum capacity of 7 W. The design allows both vertical and horizontal arrangement of modules; types and versions see in Appendix A.
Modules are manufactured on the basis of junction boxes of VAD-RSP-O type with a window, with“d”explosion protection, made of aluminum alloy with epoxy-polyester powder coating. The protective glass is made of polycarbonate with a colored light-transmitting film (red, blue, yellow, green).
Depending on the order, it is possible to install up to 3 explosion-proof glands for transit laying of power cable Ø 7-14 mm.
In case of sound-and-light version, the product is equipped with a sound unit BZV with Exdm[ib]IICU explosion protection marking. Additionally, signal lighting fixtures can be equipped with visors which allow to increase the signal viewing distance. There are also versions for installing cable glands with connecting threads: М20х1.5; М25х1.5; М32х1.5; G1/2; G3/4; G1.
Product grounding is ensured by internal and external ground bolts, near each clamp grounding sign is specified. The signaling device can be secured on arbitrarily located planes and poles with diameter up to 50 mm.

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