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Repair lighting complexes of KRO type

Height above sea level up to 2,000 m
Wide range of tasks
Wide range of configuration


Repair lighting complexes (hereinafter referred to as the repair lighting complex) implemented on the basis of our VELAN products are intended to light explosion hazardous areas and external units according to explosion protection marking, as well as area being hazardous by ignition of combustible dusts, hazardous industrial facilities of the I, II, III, IV hazard classes, during performance of the complex of repair works at the enterprises of chemical, oil refining, gas and other industries, as well as at sea vehicles inside and outside the premises.
Functional characteristics allow using repair lighting complex to solve the wide range of problems. The repair lighting complex consists of products with 1ExdIIC explosion protection type, its configuration can include the following: control cabinet of ShUS type with power unit, extension cords, lighting fixtures with installed portable handles or sling hooks.


The repair lighting complex can be equipped with the following at the customer’s request: various types and standard dimensions of lighting fixtures, as well as their number:

  • extension cords for current up to 32A with integrated sockets of SV-VELAN-R type (to 3 pcs), as well as number of the proper extension cords can vary;
  • various cabinets of ShUS type with power units depending on supply voltage and power of consumers, number of sockets integrated into the body.


The repair lighting complex consists of the following basic components:

  • Stationary control cabinet of ShUS type with integrated power unit.

  • The control cabinet is intended to ensure power supply to the group of lighting fixtures with the following parameters: 230 АС\12 DC; 230 АС\24 DC; 230 АС\36 DC;
    The power unit consists of the following basic components:
    - enclosure OEAA-VEL;
    - integrated power unit: 23 0АС\12 DC; 230 АС\24 DC; 230 АС\36 DC;
    - connecting socket or socket of SV-VELAN-R type.

  • Explosion-proof extension cord on coil.

  • Extension cords are intended for connection of mobile equipment, portable lighting equipment, various electrical units, plants and machines between each other to power supplies.
    Extension cords shall consist of the following basic components:
    - frames;
    - drum with integrated panel sockets of SV-VELAN-R type;
    - junction box VAD-RSP-D;
    - cables with counterpart (plug SV-VELAN-R on the end for connection to power supply).

    Connectors are switched on by putting plug into socket and its turning by 45° clockwise that provides the possibility for internal circuit breaker to close. The plug can be removed from the socket only when the switch is in “OFF” position.
    The grounding contact and its socket are larger than other contacts and sockets.
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