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Protective explosionproof diagonal boxes KZVD

Quick access and maintenance ease
Availability of large inspection hole
Availability of supporting rack
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Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan KZVD


 Protective enclosures KZVD are used in different industries and intended for the following:

  • bases for installation of various electrical equipment and instrumentation within outdoor areas and in premises

  • assurance of power supply switching

  • assurance of safe electrical signals when performing measurements as part of automatic systems of control, fire alarm, lighting, etc.

  • protection from condensate formation, freezing, physical damages, aggressive chemical environment, precipitations, dirt, dust, sand, UV radiation

  • protection from unauthorized opening

  • protection from maintenance personnel’s touching of electrical parts integrated into enclosures of electrical equipment elements


  • Mounting plate allowing arrangement of any required equipment inside the enclosure.
  • Availability of the post or external brackets for mounting convenience.
  • Availability of inspection hole.
  • Availability of insulant with screening coating.
  • Availability of latches for locking in closed position.
  • Availability of pneumatic retainer for cover upper position.
  • Availability of cable glands according to the Customer’s request. Depending on the Customer’s requirements.
  • For electrical equipment mounting installation of movable and/or additional stationary mounting plate, perforated profiles is possible.
  • The possibility to manufacture with heating.
  • Material of box body at the Customer’s option: steel with corrosion-resistant coating – stainless steel.


Protective enclosures KZVD with diagonal opening allows convenient access to equipment within open spaces or in premises especially where there is no the possibility to install cabinets with two-side access, as well as within space-limited area or where mounting shall be performed against the wall.

The enclosure has inspection hole for visual control of equipment state and instrument indications without cover opening.

The main structural elements of the enclosure are body and cover.

The body and cover are made of steel sheet with thickness of 1.5 mm. From inside the enclosure is equipped with insulant having screening coating with thickness of 10…25 mm. The structure is equipped with quick-detachable latches and pneumatic retainer of cover upper position.

Fastening variants:

  • Fastening on post

  • Pendant mounting fastening with braces to the wall

  • Fastening with bracket on the pipe

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