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Mining electromagnetic starters PESh and PEShR

Power of controlled motor from 6 to 45 kW
Nominal current from 10 A to 250 A
Durability and reliability
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan PESH & PESHR


The starter is intended for remote starting of reversing drives installed stationary and protection from short circuit current and overload of three-phase asynchronous motors with square-cage rotor, phase asymmetry, slow start and rotor jamming operated in three-phase AC networks with frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 380 and 660 V with insulated neutral of transformer in coal mines being hazardous by gas (methane) and dust coal.


The possibility of motor reversing start. The possibility to use vacuum contactor. Wide range of powers for activated motors.


The starter is a set of electrical devices installed in explosionproof enclosure. The enclosure consists of four compartments (devices, glands, outlets, disconnector) divided with explosionproof partitions. The enclosure is a combination of rectangular body with cylindrical body, which front part (device compartment) has quick-opening cover, which latch is opened by cover turning at angle of 22.5° clockwise. On quick-opening cover there is a warning inscription “OPEN DEACTIVATING DISCONNECTOR”. The body is fixed on skids. On the body there are two power cable glands and three control cable glands.

One gland of power circuit and one gland of control circuits are located in gland compartment, other ones (one of power circuit and two control circuits) are located in outlet compartment. On the side wall of the body the following is installed: switching lever for starter operation mode switching; on the right side wall of the body (top part) the following is installed: lever for disconnector activation; push rod of “STOP” push-button switch.

In the top part of the body there is an inspection hole for visual control of LED indicators located on the panel. Plate of functional purpose for LED indicators is located near inspection hole.

Electric connection of disconnector compartment with device compartment is provided by pressure seal for power circuits.

Disconnector compartment is closed with cover, which closes gland compartment. On the cover there is an inspection hole for visual control for position of disconnector blades.

Inspection hole is closed with shutter.

On the cover there is a warning inscription “OPEN UPON DEENERGIZATION”.

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