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Limit switch VKO

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Limit switches of VK type are intended for remote control of pipe gate valves in stationary units, as well as for signaling about the position of gate valves (closed or opened).
General-purpose switches VKO (without explosion protection marking) are equipped with microswitches MPO-1 and are intended for operation in industries where there are no explosion hazardous mixtures under operating conditions.


Switches of VKO type contain the following assembly units and parts: body, gear, microswitch block, cover, incoming devices, internal and external grounding devices, position indicator “Opened” (0) and “Closed” (З). Incoming device with nominal diameter of 25 mm consists of coupling, socket, seal ring, plug, fastening screws. Incoming device with nominal diameter of 14 mm consists of socket, threaded nut, washer and seal ring. Microswitch block activates four microswitches of MPV-1V2 type. To control the position of the gate, provision is made for the version of switches with resistor PPB-3A 470 Ohm ±5 % with turning angle of 270°. When ordering switches with a resistor, in version code after transmission ratio code designation, letter “R”shall be indicated, for example, VKO-31R-U1.

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