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Lighting fixtures for compact fluorescent lamps VEL-D

Use of electronic start control gear
Small overall dimensions
Lighting fixture is delivered complete with lamps
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VEL-D


Explosionproof lighting fixtures for compact fluorescent energy-saving lamps of VEL-D series are used as main and emergency lighting in premises of plants and warehouses, in which occurrence of explosive gas and dust is possible according to the explosion protection marking.


Use of electronic start control gear in lighting fixtures VEL-D allows:

  • Obtaining service life increase for lamps reducing maintenance expanses.
  • Excluding lamp blinking when switching on lighting fixture (instaneous starting).
  • Ensuring high power factor cosφ>0.98. There is no need in additional installation of compensator.
Use of energy-saving lamps allows reducing expenses for electric energy. Small overall dimensions allow installing lighting fixtures within confined space and height, for example, in block structures.

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