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Industrial modular LED lighting fixture VELAN-06

High fail-safety due to ac-hv technology
By 2.5–3 times lighter than existing analogs
Increased reliability due to modular structure
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Industrial modular lighting fixtures VELAN-06 are intended for general lighting of industrial premises, warehouses, logistics centers, areas and streets. Moreover, they can be used for decorative lighting of buildings and architectural buildings.


  • Innovative ac-hv technology allows refusing from standard driver, number of electronic components is reduced by 90 % that improves fail-safety by many times.
  • By 2.5 – 3 times lighter than existing analogs.
  • It has structure from replaceable lightened modules with power 20, 30, 40, 50 и 60 W;
  • Universality, operation ease;
  • Each module operates independently, there is no the necessity to disassemble the whole lighting fixture in case of one module damage. Only this module is replaced that warrants constant availability of lighting for objects and areas.
  • High-efficiency optical system.
  • Protection class IP66.
  • High strength and vibration resistance.
  • Instantaneous switching even at temperature -60 °С.


Lighting fixture consists of separate modules fastened on the common frame. Modules are connected to terminal junction box. The module consists of radiator, board with LED and protective transmitting element. Protective light transmitting element is made of polycarbonate, extra strong, with high light transmitting capability. Protection of LED light sources from dust and moisture is obtained by silicon seal keeping its elasticity within long-term time period. Silicon is resistant to high and low temperatures (up to -70 °С). Lighting fixture can be fixed on any plane surface, suspended with eye bolts or fastened on pipe pole wit outside diameter up to 60 mm.

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