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Industrial key switch KOV



Industrial key switch KOV is designed for switching on and switching off the supply of electricity to drives and other electrical devices.


  • Due to the labyrinth sealing of the body cover, high level of protection from moisture and dust is ensured.
  • Materials used to make the device are distinguished by high degree of reliability and have proven effective in internal and external installation on chemical plants and devices operating in open sea.
  • The switch is equipped with a key having a large operating surface that allows its switching without removing protective gloves. The device has a protective shoulder to prevent unintended switching.


Switch KOV consists of a shell made of a press material including an enclosure and a cover connected to each other by screws.
The following component is installed inside the switch shell:
- Keys with a spring cam and a contact block with two spring-loaded cross members. The key has a protective edge to prevent accidental pressing.
- Plastic cable gland. The key switch can be equipped with one or two plastic cable glands of VK-P-VEL series: М16, М20, М25.
During the transportation and storage, plug is installed into cable gland, which is intended for the protection of inner part of enclosure against dust and moisture.

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