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Industrial explosionproof position switch made from aluminum VP-1

Three standard versions
Durability and reliability
Connection and installation ease
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Position switches of VP-1 type are intended for remote control of electric drives for machines and mechanisms in stationary units, as well as for signaling associated with specified electric drives in AC circuits. Switching device of switches has snap-action mechanism ensuring activation or switching of contacts, as well as contact pressure independent of drive position


  • The possibility to equip the switch, in addition to the push rod, with a roller and a turning roller lever enables to expand the possibilities for its installation in mechanisms that are different by design.


Switch enclosure is made of aluminum alloy. Switching device has one normally closed and one normally open contacts with double circuit break. Distance between contacts is at least 1 mm. Switch enclosure has internal and external grounding contacts corresponding to the requirements of GOST 21130-75. The switch has a thread non-sealed gland or gland for cable connection with nominal diameter of 12 mm. The switch contains a contact group with one normally opened and one normally closed contact

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