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Industrial condulets from steel KS

3 standard dimensions of body, 30 versions of condulet
Mounting convenience
Durability and reliability
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The boxes are intended for connection and branching of secondary and power electric circuits with voltage up to 380 V AC with frequency up to 60 Hz and voltage up to 220 V DC made by cables (wires) with copper and aluminum cores with cross sections 1.5–6 mm2 operated both indoors and outdoors.


  • Based on three standard sizes for condulet body 30 versions can be implemented with various cable glands and various number of terminal clamps.
  • Special coating (melamine-alkyd enamel) being resistant to environment aggressive action, for example, periodic actions of mineral oils, gasoline and water is intended for operation outdoor within areas with cold and temperate climate.


The box consists of body and cover connected with screws.

Screw terminal clamps are installed in the box body.

The boxes are made with attached collars (plastic), cable glands (metal) or plastic sealing bushes.

Outside and inside the boxes have grounding clamps for connection of grounding conductors.

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