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Explosionproof push-button stations PVK-PK from aluminum or plastic with piezo buttons

Indication integrated into buttons
Large service life of piezo buttons
Reliability and connection ease
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Fire Safety Certificate PVK-PK
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan PVK-PK


The stations are intended for control of electric drives for machines and mechanisms in stationary plants and on ground, sea vehicles, where they are driven manually by operator, as well as for signaling associated with the specified electric drives or other electrical devices. Stations are intended for operation:
with 0ExiаIIСТ0 explosion protection marking – within all explosion hazardous industrial areas, vehicles and storage of products of oil refining, gas and other industries with РО Ехiаl marking in coal and shale minings being dust and gas hazardous including stopes and entries of steep beds being hazardous by coal, rock and gas outbursts, as well as in workings with return ventilation air from such strata.


  • Almost unlimited service life of the station. Mean-time-between failures – over 40 mln presses
  • Absence of open terminal clamps, in which dust can be collected or moisture can ingress, excludes false responses or vice versa absence of responses.
  • The station actuates upon achievement of the certain press force that excludes false activation from accidental touches.
  • The possibility of button illumination while actuation, as well as additional indication on the body of button cell.
  • Pulse signal generation not depending from speed and force of button pressing by the operator.
  • The possibility to specify symbols and inscriptions directly on button surface allowing exact identification of button.


Pulse piezo buttons (proximity limit switches VB1) are used as switching elements. Circuit breakers consist of static key with piezoelectric control element. By nature of key response on control force applied to circuit breakers they have two versions:

  • circuit breakers with analog of NO contact: its key in initial state in the absence of external influence it is in deactivated state, and at influence of force on button it is transferred into activated state for time of operating period (at least 100ms);
  • circuit breakers with analog of NC contact: its key in initial state in the absence of external influence it is in activated state, and at influence of force on button it is transferred into deactivated state for time of operating period (at least 100 ms);
Button design:
D.jpg Body material: anodized aluminum of various colors, laser engraving.
  • 1 metal body
  • 2 membrane
  • 3 piezo element
  • 4 current collector
  • 5 printed-circuit board with control circuit diagram
  • 6 sealant
  • 7 outlets
On the back side of the button body, which can be made of metal or plastic, piezo element is installed. Voltage from its electrodes relieved by the current collector, which can be made with wires, conductive rubber and other methods, is supplied to the printed-circuit board, on which electronic circuit switching external voltage (current) in load is installed. The whole structure is filled with sealant, and outlets can be made with slot, wires or tail.
PVK-PK stations can be made for one, two, three, seven or fifteen buttons.
Terminal clamps of stations allow connecting of two wires with cross section up to 2.5 mm each or one wire with cross section up to 4 mm2.

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