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Explosionproof position switches VPV-4B and VPV-4M

Each circuit breaker can be equipped with four types of wires
Two cable glands for transit connection
Two contact blocks
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Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VPV-4B & VPV-4M
Maritime Register of Shipping VPV-4B & VPV-4M


Explosionproof position switches of VPV-4B and VPV-4M type are intended for remote control of electric drives for machines and mechanisms:

- in stationary units

- on ground, underground, sea and air vehicles, where they are driven by switching strips for signaling, connected with electric drives or other electrical devices. Switches are intended for operation in coal and shale mines that are gas and dust hazardous and in explosion hazardous industrial areas, vehicles and storage facilities for products of chemical, oil-refining, gas and other industries.


  • The possibility to equip switches with a roller lever, rope, pedal lever or groove, as well as availability of two contact blocks ensure the possibility to use switches almost under any conditions in combination with cams of any shape, thereby increasing flexibility of operation and connection of switches.


Explosionproof metal (aluminum alloy or Zamak) enclosure for the switch consists of a body and a cover. Inside the switch body two contact blocks with a driving device consisting of a swiveling roller lever with a rope, pedal lever or groove, fixed on a shaft, are installed. Two cams, which act on driving elements of contact blocks using braces with rollers, are located on the shaft.

The main actuator of the switch is two contact blocks. The blocks have two normally closed (NC) and two normally open (NO) contacts and are made with a drive in the form of a push rod with automatic reset into initial position. Terminal clamps of blocks enable to connect two wires with cross section of up to 2.5 mm2 each or one wire with cross section up to 4 mm2 .

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