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Explosionproof plastic cable glands for unarmored cable VK-P-VEL

Range of diameters for sealed cables: from 4 mm to 45 mm
Design reliability and simple structure
Manufacturing of black and blue glands
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VK-P-VEL
Fire Safety Certificate VK-P-VEL


Cable glands are intended for glanding and fixing flexible unarmored cables with rubber and plastic insulation with a round section when laying into stationary, mobile or portable electrical equipment.

Cable glands with ExiIIU explosion protection marking are intended for use in intrinsically safe control circuits operated within explosion hazardous areas according to Electric Installation Code (EIC), chapter 7.3 “Electric Installations within Explosion Hazardous Areas”, GOST 30852 and other regulatory documents determining applicability of electrical equipment within explosion hazardous areas.


  • The possibility to manufacture glands of various colors.
  • Cable glands with ExeIIU explosion protection marking are colored black.
  • Cable glands with ExiIIU explosion protection marking are colored blue.


Cable glands consist of a body (coupling) and a packing nut. Seal rings intended for cable sealing in the gland body are made of silicon rubber. In order to prevent dust ingress into the body cable, glands are equipped with plugs

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