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Explosionproof mining connectors of SVR type

Wide range of nominal current
Ease and quickness of connection and disconnection
Reliability and durability
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Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan SVR


Explosionproof mining connectors of SVR type are intended for connection and disconnection of electric circuits with voltage up to 1140 V and AC frequency 50 and 60 Hz when connecting flexible cables to motors and electrical equipment of coal combines and other downhole machines, for connection of two cable sections laid along mine workings of coal pits and mines, as well as connection and disconnection of cable network sections, various electrical plants, units and machines with each other and electric energy source in ground stationary and mobile units operated within explosion hazardous areas indoors and outdoors.

Also, connectors with nominal current from 25А to 400 А integrated into the enclosure are intended for power supply of high-current equipment: generators, presses, etc. For these slots cable plugs SVR-Х-VK with nominal current from 25А to 400 А are used.


  • Connectors have a great number of design versions and wide range of nominal current.


The connector structure (electrical interlocking) ensures disconnection of main contacts after remote de-energization of these contacts.

Mechanical wear resistance of the connectors is 6300 cycles (connections and disconnections). The SVR connector structurally consists of two parts: plug and socket. The plug consists of metal body, in which a plastic part (plug insulator) is located with integrated pins made from brass for the following circuits: main, control and grounding circuits. The socket also consists of a metal body, in which a plastic part (socket insulator) is located with integrated sockets for the above-mentioned circuits. In sockets and pins provision is made for devices for cable connection.

Plastic parts of the socket and plug are pressed in metal cases and fixed in bodies with screws. Control circuits are made to be intrinsically safe. Their connection places are separated from power circuits with insulation partitions that ensure distance to sparking hazardous circuits of at least 50 mm. Electrical interlocking system is made so that when disconnecting plug and socket the main control circuit contacts are opened first, then power circuit contacts and and lastly grounding contact shall be opened.

Cable is packed with a rubber seal ring and cable sleeve. A special brace protects the cable from pulling out and turning. The plug and socket are connected using a special nut, which is installed on the body and screwed with a special wrench. For correct joining of plug and socket, guides and indicators are used.

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