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Explosionproof manual fire annunciator VELAN-IPR535-Ех

Intuitive actuating mechanism of annunciator
Availability of state indication
Direct control or signal sending to the console
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Fire Safety Certificate VELAN-IPR535-Ex


Explosionproof manual fire annunciator IPR535-Ех is used in fire alarm and fire fighting systems and intended for fire alarm signal actuation within explosion hazardous area and starting of actuators for fire fighting.


Annunciator depending on version can ensure transmission of alarm annunciation into fire loop and ensure direct manual starting of actuators in fire fighting system bypassing control panel


The annunciator consists of the body and cover ensuring “d” explosion protection. In the body electronic board sealed with compound and signal LEDs are located. Annunciator actuates when pulling actuating cylinder with ring with attached chain. Annunciator stops transmission of alarm annunciation after returning actuating cylinder into initial position.
Cable gland VK-N-VEL2BM-М25-Exd-V1.5 is screwed into annunciator body.

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