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Explosionproof loudspeaker of VELAN-VG type

High volume level at wide spanning angle
Mounting and connection convenience
Transmitting of sound and verbal messages
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Explosionproof loudspeaker is intended for transmission of verbal and sound messages at industrial facilities having explosion hazardous areas according to the explosion protection marking.


It can be used not only for sound transmission, but for verbal message transmission.

Due to developed and mathematically calculated form of resonator loudspeaker ensures transmission of messages without distortion at long range.

It has two standard dimensions depending on the required power.


Loudspeaker consists of explosionproof enclosure and resonator (voice amplifier). In enclosure, which consists of body and cover connected with thread, speaker and terminal clamps are installed. On the body brace for loudspeaker fastening is fixed. Cable gland, near which grounding bolt is located, is installed in the body.

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