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Explosionproof junction box for lighting equipment VAD-RSP

4 types
Manufacturing from aluminum alloy or cast iron depending on box type
Reliability, strength, convenience of cable connection
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VAD-RSP


Used as junction box and/or fastening element for lighting equipment installed within explosion hazardous areas. In boxes with hole there is a possibility to arrange inside video camera, microwave motion sensor, light sensor or other equipment.


  • Box structure is convenient for transit cable laying.
  • Small overall dimensions and weight.
  • The possibility to manufacture with hole.


The body is made of aluminum alloy or cast iron with powder coating.

The box has two types of body:

     VAD-RSP-D: round body has 4 thread entries for cable glands;

     VAD-RSP-F, G: from round body three branch pipes with female thread are laid. Two branch pipes are displaced from the center to the strip side for box fastening on plane surface to ease transit cable laying. The third branch pipe has stop screw used to prevent torque failure of connected pipe or reducing coupling.

Inside the body terminal clamps are installed.

Grounding bolts are installed inside and outside the box.

The box cover is screwed into the body by thread.

Protective light transmitting element is made of polycarbonate, extra strong, with high light transmitting capability integrated into the cover.

Boxes F and G are used as main parts for fastening of lighting fixtures.

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