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Explosionproof instrumentation BEх-COMPONENTS

Compact dimensions
High degree of protection from dust and moisture
Corrosion resistant materials
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate


Explosionproof instrumentation VЕх-components are intended for the following: current and voltage measurement in DC circuits.

The instruments allow measuring current within the ranges from 0.5 mA to 600 mA and from 1 A to 10 A and voltage from 1 V to 600 V with direct connection.

The design version of the bodies ensures degree of protection from dust and moisture of IP66. DC instruments can be made with a zero mark at the beginning or in the middle of the scale. Instrument scales can be made in any units of measurement with special marks, inscriptions, etc, according to the customer’s data. The normal position of the instruments is vertical or horizontal. Instruments can be made with other limits of measurements by request.

VЕх-components are designed for operation: with explosion protection marking ЕхdIIСU – in explosion hazardous industrial areas, vehicles and storage facilities for products of chemical, oil-refining, gas and other industries.


  • Small overall dimensions allow installing the instrument in a small enclosure.
  • Threads cut on the body provide quick mounting, and the seal ring under the cover ensures high degree of protection from dust and moisture.


The explosionproof metal enclosure of the VЕх-component consists of a body and a cover. Inside enclosure, the instrument is installed on a plate ensuring current and voltage measurement in DC circuits.

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