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Explosionproof information display, LED (with static inscription and scrolling text) VEL-T

Possibility of operation from storage battery
Possibility of light and light and sound signal
High brightness of information inscription
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VEL-T
Maritime Register of Shipping VEL-T


Explosionproof LED displays are intended for use within explosion hazardous areas as informational signages, as well as means for visual and sound announcement.


  • Information providing at option of the Customer by means of the following: static inscription (VEL-T display); dynamically changing inscriptions (VEL-T display “SCROLLING TEXT”); static or dynamic inscription, as well as sound signal. Regarding display with “SCROLLING TEXT” inscription can be programmed for execution of a number of visual effects such as: blinking, returning after disappear (for works consisting of 5 letters maximum), inscription stop for the required amount of time. Inscription length is almost not limited (4000 symbols). The possibility to display inscription in any language. Use of LED light sources allows reducing expenses for maintenance. Service life of LEDs is up to 100,000 h.
  • At similar light intensity LED light source consumes energy by ten times less than incandescent lamp.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials of the display body with special coating ensure long_service life.
  • Three various fasteners including the possibility of transit laying through junction box VAD-RSP.
  • The possibility to manufacture with storage battery ensuring operation of both VEL-T and VEL-T “SCROLLING TEXT” displays in case of voltage loss up to 90 minutes.
  • The possibility to manufacture VEL-T “Scrolling Text” display with indication up to 4 independent text messages.
  • Availability of testing button allowing immediately checking serviceability of storage battery.
  • Red or green inscription of “Scrolling Text” is visible under any conditions particularly at clear sunlight!


The display consists of aluminum body with powder coating. Protective light-transmission element from borosilicate glass is thermal-resistant, extra strong with high light-transmission capability, is installed on the body with sealant and fixed from above by means of cover (frame). Cover is fixed with body by bolts. Light-transmission element of the display is nonremovable structure. Display maintenance shall be performed through side temporary entry. Inside the display conversion block, LED light sources and terminal clamps are installed. Grounding bolts are installed inside and outside display. In variant with sound annunciator piezo sound annunciator is installed.

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