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Explosionproof flexible connectors (metal hose) VSG

Possibility to order any required length
Wide range of nominal diameters
Material is not subject to corrosion
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VSG


Connectors are intended for connection of pipes, boxes, explosionproof electrical equipment or areas for pipe laying subject to vibration. Connectors ensure additional cable protection from mechanical damages and corrosion.


Connectors have a flexible high pressure hose made of stainless steel or fanged rubber terminated with threaded bars. Connectors made from stainless steel have a number of versions:

  • connectors with fixed welded fittings with female (M) or male (P) thread, wherein connector mounting is performed similarly to pipe mounting;
  • connectors with couplings MS having turning cap nut with female (M) or male (P) thread,wherein the connector is mounted by cap nuts;
  • connectors can be made both with similar connecting threaded dimensions and with different ones, wherein dimensions can differ by a step more or less according to the number of dimensions specified in the structure of designation for connectors, and the diameter of hose internal diameter corresponds to a smaller dimension;
  • at the customer’s request connectors can be made with termination from one side with fixed fittings with female (M) or male (P) thread, and from the other side it can have fittings a with cap nut with a female (M) or male (P) thread


Connections fittings with cap nuts are welded to a corrugated pipe inserted inside a braid made from stainless steel. Cap nuts are screwed on couplings with a thread.

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