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Explosionproof electrical extension cord UV

Wide range of nominal current
Ease and quickness of connection and disconnection
Great cable length
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Extension cords are intended for connection and disconnection of electric circuits with voltage up to 690 V with AC and DC frequency of 50 and 60 Hz, for connecting and disconnecting cable network sections, various electrical plants, units and machines with each other and electric power sources in ground stationary and mobile units operated in explosion hazardous areas of enterprises in chemical, oil refining, gas and other industries, as well as on sea transport, indoors and outdoors.


  • Connectors have a wide range of nominal current values.
  • Extension cords can be equipped with connectors and cable glands of various types and standard dimensions at the customer’s request.


Extension cords shall consist of the following basic components:

      - frames;

      - a drum with integrated panel sockets;

      - junction box;

      - cable with a mating part (with a plug attached at the end);

The connectors are connected on by connecting the plug with the socket and turning the plug 45° clockwise, which leads to the closure of the packet switch. The plug and socket can be disconnected only when the switch is in “OFF” position. The grounding contact and its socket have a larger diameter than other contacts and sockets. In order to distinguish connectors with different voltages, plugs and sockets have connection nuts with different color coding.

During transportation and storage, the internal cavity of the plug shall be closed with a cover, which protects the product from dust and moisture, and explosion-proof surfaces from damage.

The cover shall be attached to the body by chain.

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