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Explosionproof electrical connector VV and VR

Wide range of nominal current
Ease and quickness of connection and disconnection
Reliability and durability
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VV & VR
Fire Safety Certificate VV & VR


Connectors and slots are intended for connection and disconnection of cable network sections, various electrical devices, units and machines between each other and electric energy sources in ground stationary and portable electric units operated indoors and outdoors.

Climatic version V of the 1st category according to GOST 15150.

Explosionproof connectors VVP, VRP, VVK, VRK, slots VRN, VVN are intended for use within explosion hazardous areas according to regulatory documents


  • Connectors have a wide range of nominal current.
  • Connectors integrated into the enclosure can be equipped at the customer’s request:

        - automatic circuit breakers, ЕхGN switches, cable glands, light indicators.


Plugs and sockets consist of the following basic components:

      - covers with seal (and locking mechanism for sockets);

      - body with contacts (and locking mechanism for plugs);



Stationary (panel) plugs and sockets do not have a shank.

Slots have a locking device preventing spontaneous disconnection. Moreover, locking in extreme positions (“open” – “closed”) is a clear and distinctly notable operation.

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