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Explosionproof alarm signaling stations with piezoceramic radiators and high brightness indicators PASV1-PM

Possibility to program sound and light signal
Guaranteed audibility and visibility of light and sound signal
Body from stainless steel
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Maritime Register of Shipping PASV1-PM
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan PASV1-PM
Fire Safety Certificate PASV1-PM


Stations PASV1-PM are intended for sound and light alarm and warning signaling while their arrangement in stationary units and on vehicles with 1ExsIICT6 X explosion protect5ion marking and designed for operation within explosion hazardous areas, external and internal units according to chapter 7.3 in “Regulations for Arrangement of Electrical Installations”, GOST R 51330.9 and other regulatory and technical documentation determining applicability of electrical equipment within explosion hazardous areas.


  • In the signaling station there is a possibility to receive light and sound signals of various frequency and intermittence.
  • If necessary, sound signal cutoff can be ensured in 3 minutes after actuation.
  • The body is made of stainless steel.


Piezo buzzer and LED with several crystals of different color are installed through entries of the part made of stainless steel. On the inside piezo buzzer, LED, electronic conversion block and the whole other space of the station is filled with compound. Cable length is laid outside through cable gland. Grounding bolt is installed near cable gland.

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