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Explosionproof starters of PV type are intended for local and remote control for activation and deactivation of three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor operated in three-phase networks of alternating current for electric units of chemical, gas, oil and other industries, as well as (depending on standard version) for protection from short circuit currents and (or) overload in outgoing power circuits.


- local and remote motor control;

- protection from short circuit currents in outgoing power circuits;

- zero protection;

- light signaling about on state of automatic circuit breaker;

- light signaling about stator contactor activation. Moreover, starter circuit with residual current device ensures the following:

- protection in case of phase break or voltage imbalance for supply mains and signaling about its actuation (Three-Phase Motor Residual Current Device “Voltage Imbalance”);

- protection from excess of nominal motor current and signaling about its actuation (Three-Phase Motor Residual Current Device “Overload”);

- protection at motor stator winding overheating and signaling about its actuation (Three-Phase Motor Residual Current Device “Overheating”);

- control of insulation for motor circuit and signaling about its reduction (Three-Phase Motor Residual Current Device “Leak”).

Thermal current relay is intended for protection from asymmetry, overlong start, rotor jamming and motor overload.


The starter consists of three compartments: apparatus, gland and output. Gland and output compartments are located from different side of apparatus one: gland – from the left side, output – from the right side.

Starter is controlled by START and STOP buttons installed on gland compartment cover. Automatic circuit breakers (for VKT and VK versions) are controlled by switching control lever on cover of switching compartment.

Starter PV also has light signaling. Inspection holes are intended for visual control of light signaling indications.

Remote control of the starter is performed from remote push-button station, which cable is laid in gland compartment.

The starter has four versions by nominal current: 63, 80, 95, 125 A. In its turn depending on electrical equipment set each version has four standard versions:

- with automatic circuit breaker, contactor and thermal current relay (VKT), except for starter for 125 A current;

- with automatic circuit breaker and contactor (VK);

- with contactor and thermal current relay (KT);

- with contactor and three-phase motor residual current device (KU).

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