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Explosion-proof switching modules from aluminum MKV

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Explosionproof switching modules of MKV type are intended for electric energy distribution and protection of power and lighting electric networks of alternating and direct current for electric units of chemical, gas, oil and other industries.


  • Availability of the possibility to install cable glands not only on the upper and lower sides of input boxes, but also on lateral sides ensures universality and convenience of explosionproof switching module connection.


Explosionproof switching modules consist of switching compartment and input-output compartment. Automatic circuit breakers, which are switched on and off by handle located outside enclosure, are arranged in the switching compartment. Modules of MKV2, MKV3, MKV4 types have input and output boxes, and MKV1 have one input and output box. Cable glands of modules ensure entering, glanding of open laid cables with round form with plastic and rubber insulation in plastic, rubber or lead enclosures both with copper and aluminum multi-wire and single-wire round cores. Modules of MKV type allow the possibility for laying flexible or armored cable with diameter from 12 mm to 29 mm.

Terminal clamps of modules allow connection of wires with cross section from 6 mm2 to 16 mm2. Modules have the following:

- internal and external grounding bolts (clamps) and allow connection of two copper or steel conductors with cross section up to 6 mm2 each.

- zero operating (N) and zero protective terminals (РЕ) insulated from each other and from grounded parts of the module and designed for connection of two copper or steel conductors with cross section (6...16) mm2 terminated with caps. Operating position of modules on vertical plane shall be directed upward and to the left with inscription “I” on the module body or to the right at 90  .

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