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Explosion-proof lighting boards from plastic ShchOV

Modular assembly for any connection diagram
By special order completing with integrated plugs or sockets
Maintenance ease
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Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan SCHOV


Boards are intended for alternating currant distribution with voltage 400 V, frequency 50, 60 Hz and direct current distribution with voltage 230 V in stationary lighting networks and their protection within explosion hazardous areas of the enterprises in chemical, oil refining, gas and other industries, in which generation of explosion hazardous mixtures of gases and vapors with air referred to IIA, IIB categories and Т1...Т4 groups is possible under operating conditions.


  • The possibility of product modular assembly allows implementing any Customer’s scheme.


Explosionproof lightning boards are made of two types – boards of ShchOV-B type and boards of ShchOV-D type. Boards are made on modular basis and consist of a combined structure assembled from basic modules in various combinations for number of outgoing lines 3, 6, 9 and 12. The following is taken as basic modules: connection module, disconnector module, linear module with one three-pole automatic circuit breaker, linear module with three one-pole automatic circuit breakers. In the linear modules and disconnector module light indicators IS-K2-220 (red) are installed, which signal about on state of the automatic circuit breakers.

By special order boards ShchOV with integrated sockets of VRP type and plugs VVK assy can be made.

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