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Explosion-proof light sensor VELAN-SENSOR-SHINE

Small overall dimension
Universal fastening bracket
Heating availability
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate


Light sensor is intended for automatic load activation and deactivation depending on environment light level. Light sensor is installed stationary within explosion hazardous areas.

VELAN-SENSOR-SHINE is made on the basis of enclosure VAD-RSP-O with light sensor placed in it.


  • VELAN-SENSOR-SHINE has small dimensions and weight.
  • VELAN-SENSOR-SHINE is equipped with universal brackets ensuring sensor fastening both on wall and ceiling.


Light sensor of VELAN-SENSOR-SHINE series has cylindrical body with cover from aluminum alloy. Body and cover are attached with threaded connection. The body is attached with bolts to universal bracket, which can be fastened on wall and ceiling. Cable entries and plugs, near which external grounding bolts are located, are screwed into body holes.

Protection from water and dust ingress inside is ensured with O-rings. Glass is installed with sealant in cover and pressed to it with threaded ring via distance ring.

Inside the body terminal block with eight screw clamps for internal wiring and for connection of power supply and connected equipment is installed. The terminal block is attached to the body using angle bracket, with which light sensor, heating board and thermal relay are installed on strip. Light sensor is attached to bracket using screws.

Heating board shall be attached to the bracket via posts using screws. Strip with thermal relay fixed on it shall be clamped between bracket and posts. When reducing temperature, thermal relay closes the circuit, thus activating heating board.

Light sensor direction shall be adjusted using bolts and screws.

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