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Explosion-proof LED lighting fixture of VELAN 38 series

Efficiency of lighting fixture 100
Innovative LED light source
New heat removal technology
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Explosionproof LED lighting fixtures are intended for general lighting of explosion hazardous areas of all classes according to the explosion protection marking.


  • Use of LED light sources allows reducing expenses for maintenance. Service life of LEDs is up to 100,000 h.
  • At similar light intensity LED light source consumes energy by ten times less than incandescent lamp. Direction of luminous flux allows approaching lighting fixture efficiency (total luminous flux of LEDs to utilized one) to 100 %, that also results in energy saving. Based on this lighting fixtures VELAN 38 are energy-saving.
  • Light transmitting element transmits over 90 % of luminous flux almost not absorbing it.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials with special coating ensure long service life.
  • Fastening with eye bolt doesn’t require availability of flat ground and allows installing lighting fixture on overhead cranes, ceilings, with pendant mounting, etc.
  • It is resistant to mechanical and vibration influences.
  • Absence of mercury in elements of lighting fixture provides simple and environmental safe disposal of lighting fixture.
  • There is not stroboscopic effect (blinking).
  • Aluminum oxide technology for printed-circuit board manufacturing is used that allows increasing heat removal by 4–8 times.


Lighting fixture consists of aluminum body coated with black paint being resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts. Protective light transmitting element is made of polycarbonate, extra strong, with high light transmitting capability. Protection of LED light source from dust and moisture is obtained by silicon seal keeping its elasticity within long-term time period. Silicon is resistant to high and low temperatures (up to -70 °С). Inside the lighting fixture reflector, power unit, LED light sources and terminal clamps are installed.
Lighting fixture is fastened by means of eye bolt.

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