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Enclosures of electrical devices OEAA-VEL-IIВ and OEAA-VEL-IIВ+H₂

32 standard dimensions
Possibility to manufacture with holes
Possibility of heating installation
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan OEAA-VEL-IIB & OEAA-VEL-IIB+H₂


Enclosures are intended for arrangement of electrical equipment and its elements, as well as protection of maintenance personnel from contact with electrical parts integrated into enclosures of electrical equipment elements and protection of said parts from the environment and mechanical impacts.

The enclosures are made with explosion protection marking ExdIIВU and ExdIIВU+H₂.

The enclosures are intended for operation in explosion hazardous areas according to Electric Installation Code (EIC), chapter 7.3 “Electric Installations within Explosion Hazardous Areas”, GOST R 30852.9 and other regulatory documents determining applicability of electrical equipment within explosion hazardous areas.


  • Availability of external brackets for mounting convenience.
  • 16 standard dimensions for enclosures.
  • Possibility of manufacture with cable glands.
  • The mounting plate pre-installed in the enclosure enables to arrange any required equipment therein.
  • The enclosures have high protection degree from mechanical damages and withstand impact energy of 7 J.
  • The possibility to manufacture with an inspection hole.
  • The possibility of painting the enclosure in any color.
  • The possibility to manufacture enclosures with heating.


The enclosure consists of a cast body and a cover. Captive fastener for attaching the cover to the body, made for an internal hexagon made of stainless steel. A mounting plate is installed inside the enclosure. Provision is made for internal and external grounding clamps.

Enclosures with explosion protection marking ExdIIВU and ExdIIВU+H₂ are made of aluminum alloy.

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