Condulets KPххS from sheet steel

Box universality
Mounting ease
Increased strength when keeping small weight
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate


Condulets KPххS made of sheet steel are intended for connection and branching of flexible or armored cables with elastic or thermoplastic jacket of round and plane cross section with copper or aluminum cores in AC and DC circuits of electrical installations of chemical, gas, oil and other industries.


  • Special coating (melamine-alkyd enamel) being resistant to environment aggressive action, for example, periodic actions of mineral oils, gasoline and water is intended for operation outdoor within areas with cold and temperate climate.
  • Upon agreement with the customer completing with any number of glands and combinations of Ех-components, clamps, terminal blocks and cable glands of other manufacturers having conformity certificates for explosionproofness is possible.


The box consists of the body and cover made by method of deep drawing from steel sheet. Installation of cable glands is possible from each side of the box. The box is equipped with four grounding bolts located outside and two grounding pins located inside the box.

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