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Cable glands VK-VEL 13



Cable glands are intended for glanding and fixing all kinds of flexible and armored cables with rubber or plastic insulation with a round section when laying into stationary, mobile or portable electrical equipment.
Field of application - underground and surface coal mining working including gas-hazardous and/or dust-hazardous, explosive hazardous areas of Classes 0, 1, 2 and 20, 21, 22 according to the assigned explosion protection marking.


  • Compact stainless steel structure.
  • For indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Metal-to-metal technology or armor attachment.
  • Ambient temperature up to +130 °C.
  • Level of protection IK10 according to IEC 62262 - withstand impact energy up to 20 J.
  • Developed for preventing plastic deformation of cable armor.
  • Compliance with DTS01 deluge protection standard: 91 (deluge protection).


Cable glands for armored cable consist of a fitting installed in equipment, an enclosure element and two seals ensuring cable glanding and preventing in form plucking, a nut which compresses the seal on the cable outer sheath.
Cable gland enclosure is screwed on to threaded gland element which compresses the second seal around the cable inner sheath. Cable armor is pressed between taper rings and bushings located inside the cable gland.

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