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Explosion-proof Their Components

Condensate drainage device DU-VEL
Condensate drainage device DU-VEL
Simple and reliable design
Corrosion resistant materials
Small dimensions and high efficiency
Explosionproof LED indicator IS
Explosionproof LED indicator IS
Bright light emission, accurate color rendition
7 variants of colors
9 values of voltages
Condensate drainage device UD-VEL
Condensate drainage device UD-VEL
Explosion-proof contact blocks BKV-1, BKV-2
Explosion-proof contact blocks BKV-1, BKV-2
Functioning accuracy and reliability
Three actuation schemes
Convenient wire connection
Button elements KN-BKV
Button elements KN-BKV
Five button colors
Three actuation schemes
6 versions by design
Explosionproof microswitches MPV-1
Explosionproof microswitches MPV-1
Actuation reliability
Compact overall dimensions
Mounting and connection ease
Explosionproof instrumentation BEх-COMPONENTS
Explosionproof instrumentation BEх-COMPONENTS
Compact dimensions
High degree of protection from dust and moisture
Corrosion resistant materials

Ex-components are parts of electrical equipment or structural elements that are not intended for separate use and require additional consideration (to confirm compliance of explosion-proof properties with the requirements of regulatory documents) when embedded in electrical equipment or systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

Application: explosion hazardous areas according to the Electric Installation Code (EIC), chapter 7.3 “Electric Installations within Explosion Hazardous Areas” and other regulatory documents determining applicability of electrical equipment within explosion hazardous areas.



Drainage device DU-VEL-e has a filter for moisture concentration and its further evaporation into environment through entries in connection fitting.

Drainage device Du-VEL-d is made in the form of connection fitting with screwed in stud. The stud thread is partially cut off.


The light indicator consists of a body, a light filter and a locknut.

The body of the indicator is a non-demountable design consisting of a fitting, LED lamp SKL18 and two pairs of screw clamps ZVI filled with epoxy compound ED-20.


Explosion-proof contact blocks of BKV type consist of a body, in which a switching device is assembled. The switching device consists of fixed contacts and a moving beam with bridge contacts installed thereon. The block body is connected with rivets and shall not be disassembled. KN-BKV consists of a contact BKV block and a pusher.


The microswitch consists of an insulating base and a cover connected with studs and filled with epoxy compound.


The explosion-proof metal enclosure of the VЕх-component consists of a body and a cover. Inside the enclosure, the instrument is installed on a plate ensuring current and voltage measurement in DC circuits.


  • Use of drainage DU-VEL devices enables to prevent moisture collection inside the product.

  • A large number of possible emission colors and nominal voltage provides universality in application for IS light indicators.

  • BKV and KN-BKV can be manufactured with various groups of contacts – 1 NO + 1 NC, 2 NO or 2 NC.

  • The microswitch MPV-1 can be used to control electromagnetic devices without loss of contact in low power circuits.

  • Small overall dimensions of the VЕх-COMPONENT allow installing the instrument in a small enclosure.

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