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Explosion-proof Starters and Control Devices

Explosionproof actuators from aluminum PV
Explosionproof actuators from aluminum PV
Several protections for electrical equipment
Ease and convenience of control
Durability and reliability
Package explosionproof control devices from aluminum UUKV-32 and UUKV-32R
Package explosionproof control devices from aluminum UUKV-32 and UUKV-32R
Range of powers for started motors is from 1.5 kW to 28 kW
Possibility of simple and reversing motor activation
Durability and reliability
Mining electromagnetic starters PESh and PEShR
Mining electromagnetic starters PESh and PEShR
Power of controlled motor from 6 to 45 kW
Nominal current from 10 A to 250 A
Durability and reliability

Explosion-proof actuators (VP) and packaged devices are instruments for controlling the square-cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motors which do not create conditions for ignition of the air and gas mix due to occurrence of electric discharge or increase in the unit temperature. They are used at chemical industry and oil and gas sector enterprises (PV, UUKV-32), in quarries, coal mines (PESh, PVV-80) in explosion hazardous areas of Classes 1 and 2. Ex-components.


The VP themselves consist of an explosion-proof body and compartments:
  • apparatus compartment with one or two (PVV-80) contactors, current sensors, etc.;
  • gland compartment;
  • output compartment;
  • disconnector (PESh).
Packaged control devices consist of the compartments: a) switching compartment (SC) which is a block of instrumentation with an actuator and, optionally, a thermal current relay and microswitches; b) gland compartment. Power and control circuits passing through the SC are filled with compound.

Cable glands are air-tight.


Explosion-proof actuators and packaged control devices VELAN:
  • ensure remote control of the motor operation;
  • are adapted for conditions of moderate (PV), boreal (UUKV-32, PESh, PVV-80) and tropical climate;
  • depending on version, are intended for a nominal current of 32 A, 10–80 A (PVV-80), 63–125 A (PV) or 10–250 A (PESh);
  • are protected against dust particles and water splashes (PESh, PVV-80, apparatus compartment of PV; IP rating IP54 as per GOST 14254-2015) or impermeable to dust and water jets with a flow rate of ≈ 12.5 l/min (UUKV-32, gland and output compartments of PV; IP65);
  • prevent motors from overload and short circuits.
Versions under letter “Р” are adapted for the motor reversing start. PESh and PVV-80 are especially intrinsically safe.

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