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Explosion-proof Fittings and Reducing Couplings

Coupling for metal hose of MMRn type (with hexagonal nut)
Coupling for metal hose of MMRn type (with hexagonal nut)
Reliable metal hose fixing
Wide range of nominal diameters for connected metal hose: from 6 to 150
Availability of O-rings and corrosion resistant materials
Explosionproof reducing couplings MP
Explosionproof reducing couplings MP
Reliable structure
Corrosion resistant materials
Assurance IP66
Explosionproof couplings MS
Explosionproof couplings MS
Allow connecting equipment without its turning
Reliable design, assurance IP66
Corrosion resistant materials
Explosionproof long fittings VNS
Explosionproof long fittings VNS
48 standard dimensions
8 variants of pipe branch direction
Assurance of cable wiring ease
Explosionproof separating fittings VRF
Explosionproof separating fittings VRF
15 standard dimensions
5 types if filling branches
Design reliability
Explosionproof flexible connectors (metal hose) VSG
Explosionproof flexible connectors (metal hose) VSG
Possibility to order any required length
Wide range of nominal diameters
Material is not subject to corrosion

Explosion-proof fittings, adapters, couplings and flexible connectors (VF) are fittings used in explosion hazardous areas for joining pipe wiring elements with each other or with the equipment.

Application: explosion hazardous areas according to the Electric Installation Code (EIC), chapter 7.3 “Electric Installations within Explosion Hazardous Areas” and other regulatory documents determining applicability of electrical equipment within explosion hazardous areas.



Coupling has a cylindrical body with two threads. A hexagon coupling section for wrench is used to fix the coupling.


Couplings consist of two bushings connected by a nut that allows their turning independent of each other.


VNS consists of a body with several threaded entries directed to different sides and a cover. Availability of a removable cover significantly simplifies the cable laying process and its subsequent maintenance. The cover has sealing.


VRF is a sleeve with a thread, side branch and drain valve. Plugs are screwed into side branches intended for compound filling. Availability of a drain valve allows removing liquid collected in pipes.


Connections fittings with cap nuts are welded to a corrugated pipe inserted inside a braid made from stainless steel. Cap nuts are screwed on couplings with a thread.


  • Have a high ingress protection level (not less than IP65).

  • Designed for operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures (from −60 to +50 °C for MP, MS, from −60 to +80 °C for VNS, VRF, VSG).

  • Have a large number of standard sizes.

  • Resistant to corrosion.

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