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Mobile lighting pole with driverless LED light-source

Description of the project:
Explosion-proof lighting integrated VOK is designed for lighting on the place of construction, rescue and other types of work in different weather and under conditions of restricted visibility. Design simplicity allows installing VOK within tight terms and in the place being convenient for work performance, where people work and special equipment is operated. Functional characteristics allow using VOK in explosion-proof areas. :
Requirements of the equipment:
  • Explosion protection marking: 2ExnRIIT6 X, 1ExsIIBT6 X, 1ExsII CT6 X, 1Ex d e mb IIC T5 Gb X;
  • Degree of protection against external influences: IP66;
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC/DC±10%;
  • Standard power of modular luminaries: up to 500 W;
  • Color index Ra: >80;
  • Ambient temperature: -60°C to +50°C;
  • Power factor: cosφ>0,95;
  • PERFORMANCE: >90%.
Integrated solution: VELAN 36, fixed on a support on a tripod
Lighting fixture VELAN 36
Design features
  • Innovative technology ac-hv* allows refusing from driver while number of electronic components is reduced by 90%, which improve fail-safety by several times;
  • Structure from replaceable lighting module with power of 30W and 50W;
  • Universality, operation ease;
  • Each module works independently, no necessity to disassemble the whole lighting fixture in case of single module damage. This module is only to be replaced, which ensure continues lighting of facilities and areas;
  • Highly performance optical system;
  • Ingress protection IP66;
  • High strength and vibration resistance;
  • Instant switch even at -60°C.
Tripod support
Design features

Structurally, explosion-proof lighting integrated consists is an explosion-proof lighting fixture VELAN 36 with power up to 1000W, fixed on support on tripod, which ensures good stability on any area . Winch is used to adjust the required height for lighting fixture.

Other projects
Combined signaling station
Description of the project
Combined explosion-proof alarm station is designed for quick installation of the equipment integrated designed for warning and alarm signaling in explosive hazardous areas and in coal and shale mining.
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