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Explosion-proof floodlight based on a lighting pole with a VELAN23 floodlight and cable transit box

The client
Description of the project:
LNG Plant with a capacity of about 16.5 million tons is being built directly at the South Tambeyskom field onshore at the Gulf of Ob. The modular principle of installation is used in construction, which significantly reduces construction costs in the Arctic and optimizes the project schedule. The production integrated includes three gas liquefaction production lines with a capacity of 5.5 million tons per year .:
Requirements of the equipment:
  • Ability to work in subarctic climate;
  • Ambient temperature from -51°C to +38°C;
  • wind speed 110km/h;
  • Snow cover from October to June.
Integrated solution: VELAN 23-PR pole mounting with connection box
Flood light VELAN23-PR (2ExdeIIBT4 (T3), 1ExdsIIBT4 (T3)
  • Floodlights VELAN 23-PR work with ambient temperature range: -60°C to +40°C;
  • Climatic version: UHL1, ОМ1;
  • Degree of protection against external influences: IP65/IP67;
  • Nominal supply voltage: 230V;
  • Nominal power: from 70 to 1000W;
  • Power factor: cos φ 0.95;

Class of protection against electric. shock: I.

Design features
  • Integrated stricture with ballast, convenient for maintenance Separate entry for lamp replacement for more convenient maintenance;
  • Floodlights are vertically adjustable from +45° to -45°;
  • by customer request the flood light can be equipped with start control gear, or electronic start control gear only for metal halide lamps);
  • use of electronic start control gear allows instant restarting of hot sodium GAS-Discharge lamps, that allows to use the lighting fixture for emergency lighting;
  • Absence of starting currents, flicker-free light, stability of light characteristics;
  • Stable starting and operation at temperatures up to -60°C.
Lighting Pole OGK-10
  • Body material: sheet steel;
  • Weight: 165kg;
  • Height: 10 meters;
  • Diameter of the support flange, A: 400mm;
  • The center distance of the holes in : 300mm;
  • Wind installation area: from I to VII;
  • Steel grade: 09G2S;
  • Cover: hot zinc.
Design features
  • designed for installation of one or more console and floor lamps;
  • Long service life;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Modern design;
  • ease of installation;
  • Low weight;
  • Production according to individual needs.
Explosion-proof Junction Box type KZP
  • Improved reliability anti-explosion with cover made from plastic;
  • Ambient temperature range: from -60°C to + 50°C;
  • Climatic version V1.
Design features
  • A large number of standard sizes of boxes allow you to perform the optimal selection of equipments;
  • using of screw and spring terminals, cable glands of various types, drainage devices, plugs, earthling rings and other equipment, allows to provide the required configuration of the box to the customer.
Other projects
Combined signaling station
Description of the project
Combined explosion-proof alarm station is designed for quick installation of the equipment integrated designed for warning and alarm signaling in explosive hazardous areas and in coal and shale mining.
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