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Industrial lightning differs from non-industrial in the presence of moisture and dust protection. The housing is usually made of airtight for these purposes. The complexity of the protective structure and the cost of the material from which the housing is made depends on the prices of industrial fixtures. The mounting method can be either ceiling or wall-mounted. But pendant industrial lights are usually used as ceiling lights.

Before you buy an industrial lamp, you need to find out in which room it will be used, since not only the lighting depends on the type of room but also the protection properties and the specification of the lamps used in it. For worker's rooms with industrial fluorescent or industrial LED lamps are best suited. Both of them have excellent energy-saving characteristics.

An industrial luminaire must maintain a workplace illumination that complies with standards to provide comfortable working conditions for the visual system of workers.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures should be easy to install and maintain, have compact dimensions and lightweight, give a high level of illumination, have a long operational life, and be energy-saving. The economic profit of using an industrial luminaire can be determined by calculating the ratio of the amount of light supplied to the amount of expended electricity.

The cost-effectiveness of lighting devices is important for almost any enterprise. Especially important to account for this indicator when you select industrial lighting for a warehouse where it is necessary to combine the light brightness with the cost.

There is also a separate range of industrial luminaires designed for specific conditions. Such specialized lighting devices include waterproof lamps and explosion-proof lighting equipment.

Scope of application of industrial lighting

Specialized production lights are used for lighting:

  • industrial enterprises;
  • production shops;
  • construction sites;
  • warehouse complexes.

The design and installation of lighting systems at facilities with difficult operating conditions must be approached with a particular responsibility. Industrial luminaires must comply with national regulations. High-quality devices installed in the right places provide the necessary lighting, which does not adversely affect a person’s vision. Correctly selected luminaires for industrial premises will ensure the safety of workers, create comfortable working conditions, and minimize energy consumption.

Nowadays, most of the lighting systems are represented by devices with fluorescent and metal halide lamps. It suitable for general and local lighting of industrial premises, characterized by high light output, provide a uniform dispersion of the light flux and at the same time have a relatively low cost.

How to choose an industrial LED lamp

When lighting production workshops, storage and utility rooms, car washes, agricultural farms, greenhouses, one should take into account the fact that all these premises can hardly be called clean in the truest sense of the word. The high content of dust and moisture in them often makes it difficult to use traditional lighting fixtures. And even cheap LED lamps in such conditions are unlikely to work out the entire resource declared by the manufacturer.

What requirements should be imposed on a light fixture that is used as the main lighting in such operating conditions? First of all, it is best to use an LED lamp, as this is the most energy-efficient and economical option. It is known that the cost of electricity, in this case, is reduced by 7-10 times, since their power consumption is low. Here, the quality of light with the right selection will be much better than incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps. Besides, the use of a luminaire with LEDs allows the use of low-voltage equipment, which is a definite plus for any enterprise.

The next factor that should be taken into account when choosing a luminaire for industrial facilities is dust and water tightness. If luminaires with a degree of protection below IP65 are used in a production site, the moment will inevitably and soon come when such a luminaire fails. Thus, the savings in this case on the degree of protection are the money of the enterprise, wasted. The life of the luminaire for specific conditions must be as stated and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Often in industrial premises the air temperature in winter, especially in severe frosts, drops below 0°C, the lamp must have the technical ability to use at low temperatures.

Also, the luminaire housing for industrial premises must be durable, non-combustible materials must be used in its manufacture. The diffuser should not lose its characteristics over time, and the light distribution should be optimal. The luminaire body must be smooth so it is convenient to clean it if the room is very dusty. The installation of the lamp should also be as simple as possible in any condition and on any surface.

LED light fixtures are completely environmentally friendly and safe; they do not require any special disposal conditions.

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