VELAN anthem

We produce explosion-proof electrical equipment which prevents emergency situations and serves in a safe and reliable manner at industrial enterprises and objects with dangerous and aggressive environments worldwide.

Many years of experience of professional team and modern hi-tech full cycle manufacturing process allow us to implement innovations continuously and provide the highest quality and wide range of products.

Our priority – individual approach to our clients!

VELAN manufacturing processes are certified in accordance with international quality standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007.

We offer:

  • Lighting equipment

    • Lighting fixtures, floodlights: may be equipped with LED or lamps.
  • Control and signal panels:

    • 4 types of enclosures of various materials, 32 types of dimensional sizes, complete set by your choice.
  • Switching equipment:

    • Junction and distribution boxes:

      complete set by your choice, HV/LV, various materials to connect cables of round and flat sections.
    • Lighting panels:

      modular design, color indication, may be complete with plugs and sockets.
    • Connectors:

      Rated current from 16А to 400А, may be built in different enclosures, complete with automatic circuit breaker.
    • Explosion-proof switch modules:

      Modular design, up to 10 000 operation cycles.
  • Control devices:

    • Packet switches:

      Implementation of any scheme of complete set, enclosure made of aluminum/plastic, rated current up to 63А.
    • Push-button control stations:

      Push-buttons with and w/o fixation, piezo-buttons, push-buttons with indication, indicators of various colors, complete with all the necessary measuring tools.
    • Starters and control devices:

      Availability of local and remote control, different types of protection, light signaling, reversible execution is possible, rated current up to 250А, rated voltage up to 1140V.
  • Alarm systems:

    • Information boards:

      With light indication, and light and sound indication, with static or dynamically changing text, different types of mounting, complete with battery, it is possible to program the text.
    • Traffic lights:

      LED light source, 5 options of modules illuminance, may be complete with canopy, voltage supply 12-220V, 1 and 2 electrical equipment group.
    • Alarm stations:

      With light indication, sound indication and light and sound indication, various colors and types of mounting.
  • Ex-components and other equipment.

    • control and measuring devices, indicators, contact blocks, push-button elements, microswitches.

Our equipment may be supplied in different modifications depending on enclosure material, explosion protection degree and climatic category.

Industries where VELAN products are used:

  • Delivery units of oil and gas and carbon industries;
  • Enterprises specialized in oil and gas refining and storage;
  • Enterprises of electrical and energy industries (TPP, NPP, HPP);
  • Enterprises of chemical industry;
  • Enterprises of iron and steel and metal mining industries, process plants;
  • Enterprises of Defense industry.

For more than half a century the major enterprises trust its safety to VELAN products. It means that quality of our products is constant and very high.

Quality policy

Quality policy